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UnitParser is the first part of FlexibleParser, which is my first relevant open-source project. That's why I was especially motivated to do a good work on all the aspects of the development, including those which aren't my strongest suits. Note that I specialise in building efficient algorithms and, basically, in making sure that everything works exactly as expected. Although I have also to take care of further issues like code clarity or documentation (public comments and external documents), my usual performance on these fronts is notably worse.

The fact of dealing with units of measurement (mainly when developing an as comprehensive tool as UnitParser) adds one further layer of complexity on the documentation front, via having to account for relevant amounts of hardcoded information. Logically, I also applied the aforementioned ideas of paying special attention at documentation and code-cleanness aspects on this specific front; that's why UnitParser contains a relevant amount of high quality information about units of measurement. All this data is well commented and stored in human-friendly structures, what allows people from any programming background to get valuable insights.

The main public variables containing hardcoded information about units of measurement are stored in the /Keywords/Public/ folder, mostly in the following resources:
The main private variables are stored in the /Keywords/Private/ folder, mostly in the following resources: