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Project 10 is expected to be the last formal project of varocarbas.com. I will continue using this site as my main self-promotional R&D-focused online resource, but by relying on other more adequate formats like domain ranking.
Note that the last versions of all the successfully completed projects (5 to 10) will always be available.
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Common basic knowledge for artificial intelligence algorithms
Completed on 05-Jul-2015 (19 days)

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As explained in a previous section, I have a limited experience regarding major aspects associated with this project; that's why it should be taken as a set of Preliminary ideas. Such a statement makes even more sense in the current section (and in the next one, Supervision), although including a short reference to some issues is certainly required.

According to its Defining principles, most of the information required by this system is expected to be provided through voluntary contributions. The main reason for such a format is to assume that, due to the associated difficulties, collecting the required information is much more likely to occur within small-scope R&D-but-for-profit projects. This peculiarity increases notably the maintenance costs of the whole system; mainly because of the additional expenses associated with data-integrity-assurance tasks, as explained in the next section.

The remaining aspects associated with the maintenance of the proposed system (e.g., software & hardware costs, buildings, staff, etc.) will be intimately related to the selection of the managing organisation(s). Such a determination is also outside my core expertise (and of the scope of this project), but some (national) government involvement (e.g., a national agency in each country; at the international level, an organisation supported by various countries) seems certainly required. In a first moment, this whole system might be focused on the non-profit or educational world (e.g., research groups at universities sharing data sets by relying on this standard); although such a configuration would stop working as soon as more egoist interests (i.e., big companies, probably taking care of most of the AI R&D work because of its huge benefit potential) would come into picture.