I am Alvaro Carballo Garcia, a self-employed programmer, and varocarbas is my personal nickname. I also use the commercial name Custom Solvers.

varocarbas.com was meant to be the more technical side of my online self-promotional efforts and a complement to my main site, customsolvers.com. My intention was to spend some time on creating public samples of my work as a way to showcase my skills and to help me find compatible customers. Everything turned out completely different. I got little to no appreciation, lots of (unpaid) over-work and non-ideal outcomes like incomplete or not regularly updated resources. Despite the fact that varocarbas.com has been getting a pretty high number of visits for years, the proportion of those visitors who got in touch or showed some interest in my skills or in hiring me has always been almost zero.

This site was born together with my nth-1 attempt at finding the best way to deal with the internet presence of my professional activity: attitude 2.0. That didn't go well either. So, it makes sense to officially terminate both attempts together. I am planning to keep the varocarbas.com resources online for the foreseeable future. I will stop updating and promoting this website, but most of its old pages will continue working as usual.