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Critical analysis of the main premises of special relativity: Lorentz & Minkowski

Completed on 14-Jun-2015 (14 days)

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Creating a new project seemed the perfect excuse to make these personal conclusions public, even despite its sudden cancellation.

Nevertheless and as far as the main goal of is contributing to improve's visibility, all the projects here have to be fully compatible with the activity of the company. By bearing in mind that Custom Solvers 2.0 provides custom software development and numerical modelling services, at a first sight, this project might seem to not be fully compatible with it. On the other hand, critically analysing (mathematical) theories is an important step within the development of most of the numerical models. Additionally, this specific case represents a particularly good example of one of the basic principles which I apply at work: "clear separation between practical result(s) and tools accessorily utilised to achieve them"; together with objectivity and avoidance of any trendy/magical/unclear/abstract/not-properly-understood/etc. element.

In summary, the main intention of this project is to provide a new sample of my (& Custom Solvers 2.0's) ideas, knowledge and attitude; and even of its durable (written 10 years ago) and beyond-professional (a personal project which was started spontaneously) character.