About varocarbas.com

This site includes a set of miscellaneous R&D-flavoured-mostly-focused-on-programming projects, which I have personally written at different points and for different reasons. My name is Alvaro Carballo Garcia and I have been using this varocarbas nickname for quite a few years. To know more about my education and background, go here (or aquí).

I am a self-employed programmer who works (usually, remotely and in English) under the commercial name Custom Solvers 2.0. That's why this site and customsolvers.com are just two aspects of the same reality: me at work.

NOTE - All the references to the duration of the projects should be understood as rough estimates, only useful for comparison purposes. For example, a project with a duration of 15 days would have been in my to-do list during that time, but I might have worked on it only during 5 days. On the other hand, I did certainly spend more time on that project than on other one with a duration of 10 days.