Critical analysis of the main premises of special relativity: Lorentz & Minkowski

Completed on 14-Jun-2015 (14 days)

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Implications on relativity

By assuming that the ideas proposed in the previous sections (mainly in General analysis) are right, the Lorentz transformation would be invalid and also most of the calculations in the Theory of relativity. Note that the main intention of Einstein was precisely trying to explain certain physical phenomena (e.g., gravity) by applying the Lorentz transformation, a system of equations assumed to measure (relative variations) of space and time more accurately than Classical Mechanics.

I will be analysing in more detail the exact implications on the Theory of relativity in other sections (Practical applicability & Theoretical applicability). Nevertheless, a conclusion can already be drawn: if the Lorentz transformation is wrong, most of the relativistic calculations would also be wrong.