Critical analysis of the main premises of special relativity: Lorentz & Minkowski

Completed on 14-Jun-2015 (14 days)

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Further clarifications

Although both the origin of this project and its current motivation have already been clearly explained (Original intention & Current motivation), the critic to a so widely accepted theory might trigger some concerns which haven't been fully addressed.

Before reading the next sections, you should bear in mind the following ideas:
  • This whole project is focused on mathematical aspects and, eventually, on general approaches regarding the best way to face a problem. Physics is only brought into picture for tangential (almost forced) reasons. Nevertheless, note that I have a relevant Physics background and that this analysis was originally faced from a Physics perspective.
  • I have been as objective and neutral as possible, although always by bearing in mind the importance of the theory being analysed. In fact, when 10 years ago I came to the first (surprising) conclusions, I did reconsider my position various times despite its apparent clarity, because of thinking that ideas on the lines of "it cannot be true" were fully applicable.
  • Although the main goal of this project is getting some visibility, I would like it to not be blown out of proportions. For me, this is just a descriptive enough example showing my attitude, knowledge and how I face certain problems.
  • The contents of this project, equivalently to what happens with all my other promotional efforts (e.g., all the contents of and, are considered public domain and, as such, can be freely used by anyone without referring to me in any way. On the other hand, such a situation cannot be seen as an excuse to act dishonestly or unfairly.

In summary, any person wanting to discuss about this project will be more than welcome, for as long as good faith and proper understanding will be present. That is, I will not accept anything on the lines of: dogma-based claims which are completely ignoring the proposed arguments (e.g., "this is impossible because..."); unreasonable justifications with no mathematical support (e.g., "the intention in this part was..."); ignorance-driven attitudes (e.g., "I heard that..."); unrelated-to-this-project proposals (e.g., "here you have something I wrote about this other theory..."); or any other similar request.

Hopefully, I will be able to find a properly-understanding audience, who will plainly enjoy this project as intended (i.e., a self-promotion helping me to find compatible customers).