Proudly mobile unfriendly wasn't born mobile unfriendly. In fact, the first versions were small-screen compatible; a functionality which I included without giving too much thought to it because of being a basic requirement (?!).

While evolving its structure further, I realised that the original mobile version wasn't good anymore and decided to temporarily disable it. My intention was to wait for a definitive enough version before redoing this part (note that the current highly-functional and not-too-ugly appearance is the result of multiple unplanned modifications happening at irregular times). But one day I wondered why a mobile version is required at all? I don't want visitors reading what I wrote while talking to someone else or while jogging. How can a site like be properly enjoyed from a mobile device? If I am not interested in these visitors, why should my site support them?

In summary, I am not adapting to small screens because of preferring big-screen, calmed and keen-on-properly-enjoying-this-site visitors. Nevertheless (and logically), I am not absolutely against mobile versions; the aforementioned ideas make sense in this specific context, but not everywhere. For example, (its current 2.0 version, which I started developing at the same time than has been mobile-friendly almost since the very first moment.