Common basic knowledge for artificial intelligence algorithms

Completed on 05-Jul-2015 (19 days)

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As highlighted in the previous section, the specific issues here are completely outside my core expertise. Nevertheless, this project wouldn't be completed without mentioning certain aspects.

One of the Defining principles states that most of its information is expected to be provided by voluntary contributions; this approach is assumed to output a much higher growth than what a self-sustained configuration would do. Note that relevant efforts (and costs) are associated with building reliable enough training data sets (by following the proposed format or any other one); and spending so important resources for performing almost-never-ending tasks to build a data source (which will eventually be used by someone else) doesn't sound too likely to happen. On the other hand, more egoist attempts with much smaller scopes (e.g., innovative AI approach accounting for certain situation) will be accessorily generating data sets, which might be shared in application of ideas like "helping to create what I cannot do myself".

The aforementioned (forced) collaborative essence of this system is expected to represent the source of most-difficult-to-be-addressed problems: all what is associated with ensuring data integrity. These issues are so important that even the basic structure of the system (as described in the sections Defining principles and Data format) has been defined such that data integrity is ensured (e.g., within the proposed first Layers,
sub-Layer of

Note that the importance of making sure that the system remains reliable despite the (eventually-faulty) external contributions can be analysed at different levels. On one hand, any standardised format expected to be used (almost blindly) by many people has to be reliable and trustworthy. On the other hand, some AI-based algorithms deal with highly-sensitive information (to not mention issues like being potentially dangerous to people or related to national security). These facts reinforce the proposed (e.g., in the Defining principles and Maintenance sections) governmental involvement as one of the basic requirements of this system.