Common basic knowledge for artificial intelligence algorithms

Completed on 05-Jul-2015 (19 days)

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Project scope

The main goal of this project is to propose some basic guidelines which are expected to be considered by those working on the systematisation of input information (e.g., training datasets) used by AI-based approaches. That is: a proposal (by bearing in mind the limitations explained in Technical background) aiming to contribute to a future data-standardisation process, which is likely to occur within the medium term in any case.

The following issues are outside the scope of this project:
  • A well-defined and overall-accounting system.
  • Detailed answers fully addressing certain subproblems.
  • References to parts which are beyond my core expertise (e.g., human-like facial expressions or moves).
  • Unrealistic or Sci-Fi references (e.g., Asimov's Laws).