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Project 10 is expected to be the last formal project of varocarbas.com. I will continue using this site as my main self-promotional R&D-focused online resource, but by relying on other more adequate formats like domain ranking.
Note that the last versions of all the successfully completed projects (5 to 10) will always be available.
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DateParser Code (.NET/C#) >

Introduction >
FlexibleParser is my first relevant open-source project. It is a group of independent multipurpose parsing libraries. I have written all the code completely from scratch in C# (.NET 4.0). The last versions of all the files can be downloaded from here.

To know more about the main FlexibleParser ideas, visit the corresponding customsolvers.com section (versión en español). You can also download all its code from my GitHub account. To get a better understanding of this code, take a look at the corresponding sections referred below these lines.

I have also converted a relevant part of the original C# code to Java. You can know more about these Java versions in their customsolvers.com page (versión en español).

At the moment, FlexibleParser (.NET/C#) is formed by the following independent parts: