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Critical thoughts about big data analysis

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I have been actively involved in numerical modelling and data analysis during the last quite a few years. Nevertheless, most of my work has been focused on models dealing with a very specific subset of problems where typical big-data concerns rarely represent an issue. To know more about my background, visit the next section.

Since some time ago, I have been witnessing (big-)data-related situations whose outputs might be easily improved in a relevant way. Curiously, big data is a very commercially-appealing reality, what is usually associated with high availability of resources.

There are two issues which can be considered the ultimate responsible of this project:
  • Online information misusage. Virtually all the relevant websites systematically horde and, what is even worse, don't maximise huge amounts of information. A descriptive example of such behaviours is target advertisement, an activity involving relevant amounts of money and valuable information but rarely delivering high accuracy.
  • Data-analysis work opportunities. I (i.e., Alvaro Carballo Garcia, a self-employed programmer using the commercial name Custom Solvers 2.0) am permanently looking for new appealing remote-work opportunities: online challenges, open R&D calls, collaborative environments and, in general, any alternative adequately-rewarding my work. Projects related to (big) data analysis/forecasting definitively belong to the compatible-with-my-skills group. Hence, I also have a personal interest in the way in which big data analysis is being managed.