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Critical thoughts about big data analysis

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Data analysis/forecasting is already being systematically used in many different contexts. Some typical examples:
  • Everyday predictions (e.g., meteorological, financial/economical, polling, etc.).
  • Customer-information maximisation, mainly for online businesses (e.g., target advertisement).
  • Data-based scientific and R&D activity (e.g., predictive models existing in virtually any scientific field).
We are heading towards a (big) data driven society; adequately understanding data and making reliable decisions on account of it will become one of the basic cornerstones for virtually any technological advancement. Some examples of near-future applications of (big) data modelling:
  • Any kind of automated, AI-based system.
  • Businesses and organisations of any type systematically maximising the huge amounts of valuable information which they are currently ignoring.
In summary, the already-very-relevant impact of (big) data modelling is expected to keep growing, together with its reliability and accuracy expectations.