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Project 10 is expected to be the last formal project of varocarbas.com. I will continue using this site as my main self-promotional R&D-focused online resource, but by relying on other more adequate formats like domain ranking.
Note that the last versions of all the successfully completed projects (5 to 10) will always be available.
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About me

I am Alvaro Carballo Garcia (male, 40), a mechanical engineer who has been full-time working as a programmer for over the last 8 years. Despite being a Spaniard (currently living in Spain), English is my primary language at work. To know more about my education, skills and expertise, take a look at my latest CV.

I am a self-employed remotely-working programmer under the commercial name Custom Solvers 2.0; I also use varocarbas, my personal nickname since long time ago. As per my knowledge, I am the sole author of anything (anywhere, anytime) done by any of those nicknames. The 2.0 bit indicates that this is my second self-employment attempt; although the first one didn't turn out well, I learned a lot from it.

I am very proud of my solid principles and straightforward attitude, as explained in the corresponding customsolvers.com page. Additionally, I expect subjective aspects to affect my work as little as possible, what not including my own picture anywhere is precisely trying to highlight.