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Project 10 is expected to be the last formal project of varocarbas.com. I will continue using this site as my main self-promotional R&D-focused online resource, but by relying on other more adequate formats like domain ranking.
Note that the last versions of all the successfully completed projects (5 to 10) will always be available.
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About varocarbas.com

This site includes a set of miscellaneous R&D-flavoured-mostly-focused-on-programming projects, which I have personally written at different points and for different reasons. My name is Alvaro Carballo Garcia and I have been using this varocarbas nickname for quite a few years. To know more about my education and background, go here (or aquí).

I am a self-employed programmer who works (usually, remotely and in English) under the commercial name Custom Solvers 2.0. That's why this site and customsolvers.com are just two aspects of the same reality: me at work.

NOTE - All the references to the duration of the projects should be understood as rough estimates, only useful for comparison purposes. For example, a project with a duration of 15 days would have been in my to-do list during that time, but I might have worked on it only during 5 days. On the other hand, I did certainly spend more time on that project than on other one with a duration of 10 days.